Custom Bingo Ink Label Program

Customizable labels are an easy way to promote your hall or event!

Program Details

Download important documents regarding the Custom Bingo Ink Label program.

Three Easy Steps to Ordering Your Custom Designed Bingo Ink Markers

Bingo King's custom ink markers are a great way to advertise and promote your bingo operation. We have a variety of programs available to suit every budget!

After downloading the forms continue on to the steps below...


Download Custom Ink Order Forms

Custom Bingo Ink Order Forms


Choose your ink Brand, Size and color

DabtasticSolid color matched sleeved bottle with personalized or custom design label applied over sleeve

Metallic color matched ball caps

Custom Ink Sleeve and Design Options

Dab KingPersonalized or custom design label applied over white bottle

Solid color matched ball caps

Dab King Colors


Determine your Quantity / Choose your Label or Sleeve

Small Quantities* (minimum 5 cases; 144 bottles per case)

Choose a label from the designs shown below, then customize it with logos or personalized information in a black imprint. Labels are applied over standard sleeves according to ink type.

Emblem Custom Ink

Large Quantities*
(minimum 25,000 labels or sleeves)

A full color label or sleeve can be custom designed by our artists according to your specifications.

Custom labels are applied to standardsleeves according to ink type.

Custom sleeves are shrink wrapped

Custom Ink Labels

*Custom bingo ink program requires a five (5) case minimum order (all regular ink orders must be a minimum of ten (10) cases, so custom orders can be combined with other ink product lines). Cost of label is dependent upon the complexity, label material and number of colors within the design. Standard text added to artwork reads: "Made in USA, Keep Away from Children." Please ask your customer service representative for more details.